Near Certainty Bell Curve
Life is exceedingly
complicated; however, that does not denote in any fashion supernaturalism. On the contrary, the gaps in human knowledge will always exist; nevertheless, the history of the God of the Gaps reveals that we are morally obligated NOT to fill in the holes with supernatural explanations. A hypothesis such as “There is supernatural order in life” to be substantiated, explained and showed predictive powers (i.e., technical proof/evidence of actual miracles or magic interference in the world) must not rest on faith.  Prior common-sense credence (constant updates as Bayesian reasoning) dictates that we do due dilligence in regards to the actual facts. It must be opened to falsifiabilty, that is, mathematical evaluation such as Risk Probability Assessment (RPA). It behoves all sincere believers to place their intuitive certainty with bonifide scientific credentials on a simple bell curve somewhere between zero and one; zero being so close to certainty that the hypothesis is deemed wrong or so close to one for it to be a near certainty (that it is true or as true as we are scientifically able to ascertain presently or the probability of its reality is so low that it should not be believed in earnest).

Picture now
the heliocentric movement of the solar system, gravity in general, relativity, evolution, cosmological expansion, and other laws of nature which are time after time systematically confirmed through the numerous branches of science and many thousands of independent investigator-scientists. They are all so close to one on our simple bell curve that it is a near certitude they are all true (and surely false in some other ways not yet figured out by the self-critical future models of reason/science).