Can there ever be Quintius-like statesmen in this failing democratic quagmire of the West since the transcendence of today’s last global empire and the Military-Industrial Complex which keeps it buoyed? Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus was a Patrician called to his partisan obligation and given the position of absolute rule. He decided to ignore the hollow sound of the Empire’s calling; instead, when he had done his duty and the crisis had ended, he returned to a preferred sedate life of farming. Was there ever such a statesman? Do you believe it? Can a mere mortal turn down the one for the other? I’ll soften the lexical Sudoku by directing our dear reader to Churchill Vs Solzhenitsyn; however, without ignoring the riveting blow to any great degree, and you’d barely know it, but even as you read this, the elected nationalistic autocrats are mushrooming all over the world like fungus on the floor of a woodland after a wet summer. The trouble with such civil virtue in an empire, even a modern global one, is that for every Marcus Aurelius you get ten Caligula(s), or if you’d prefer, for every John McCain you get a dozen Henry Kissinger(s). In the democracies, bloated debt, idiotic planners and policies defying Human Nature, combine to derail a train speeding across modern history. Though I am a romantic I sometimes sincerely dread our future!
I am probably as annoying as a loon’s constant lonely cry in the night through your restless sleep at the cottage, nor I must admit—and this is quite frightening—am I any longer that mindless fool I once was—yet even in the middle of an alcoholic haze I can clearly see the whole thing shaking and rattling like a contraption held together by duct tape, hell no, by bubble gum. You will recall the false economy of the 1920’s, the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression that followed it, and The Economic Consequence of the Peace that preceded it? How morbidly enthralling is it that the two brightest English brainy-acts on the planet in these eco-socio-political issues at the time, got it so wrong about the juvenile-global economy? When Keynes defied the foundation of precious metal to the Pound and Churchill, pegged it, (in 1912), grossly incorrect, thus setting off a depression that started so many calamities.
Falling to your knees with fervent prayer isn’t likely to be as good as planning for the hearse and hoping for the quest, I mean . . . well you know what I mean. Surtout, ne pas s'agenouiller! Just in case you’ve never prepared for the opportunities that come along in anyone’s lifetime, 75 percent of the folks whom I’ve interviewed have never dreamt of being totally monitored by another person, but will not think twice about letting their elected officials insert each slippery wet tentacle they have at their disposal into every available politically correct, lives! The great global armaments industry, Nixon’s War on Drugs and the statist’s wet dream on terror, are the government’s only real arguments for the great contemporary (and massive) expansion into our private borders. We will now tackle these three modern bogs, one swamp at a time. We will leave Johnston’s War on Poverty for another time?
The first is a smell most foul caused typically by fermented hops and barley, filtered and drank chilled as pale ale full of imperialism, manifest destiny and religious fervor, and resembling the taste of urine, [not that I’d know] please an Amen if you would. Here’s the best argument for some sort of empire, also made by some Stoics in Rome and Colonists in Britain in their times.  We (the empire’s armies) make the world safe for trade, bring law and order to the savage and a light to the dark places on the earth. We would be made to believe—to some extent we all do believe this—the primitive in all of us must be tamed by force. Plus, if we in the West don’t do it, the Russians, the Asians, the Chinese, or even—tremble here with fear—the Muslims will! We’re not going to Bretton Woods the empire, are we? No, we will not sit down with the rest of the world and treat them as partners and negotiate fairly with them—are you simply mad? Have you been drained of all élan vital? Damn Libertarians! Those reactionary extremists want peace and free markets, environmental sustainability, democratic human rights for every human on the planet and even religious freedoms encoded in modern law—for everyone! Some rogue nation will blow the thing apart. A terror cell will end life as we know it. The earth will catch on fire if we don’t stop the market economy. Can’t somebody shut those bastards up?
Well, as a matter a fact, yes! The media is beholding to the political class; and we’ll try that first, discredit them on all fronts initially—get them with a sneer that’s the most important thing—and don’t forget the ever popular ad hominem. Failing with this aim, the state has the lawless CIA and the even more unrestrained NAS, see, Snowden Not Obama. If they ever did gain power, it’s too late, stupid! They’re done like democracy. Even if in America they captured both the House and the Senate, if such a maddening travesty ever actually occurred, they couldn’t even close a single Military Base. They’re nothing but Dead Kennedys!
The second putrid swamp stench is the war on drugs, addiction, pleasure and any crap humans like too much and which the idiot class wants to control. The political police are all so nasty, those fat, out-of-shape opinionated hacks that defend this dishonorable policy, like Fanny Newt—did some old over-weight Hobbit get a freak chubby trying not to read the graffiti about the girl he used to dream of and instead went into politics—telling us what to do while their toxic gas fills the air. They’re trash cans eating everything they can get their grubby hands on and making sure they’re satisfied in every pleasure in every second of their absolutely disgraceful lives! They rule the world and can fornicate, drink, smoke, snort and share in every illicit delight known to the race of humans, and us, the horses inside the barn? Sure, if you want to go to the glue factory.
When we say addiction is the highest form of personal mismanagement—it is about managing one’s life in a wealthy society as a form of moral imperative—we want also to remark that being addicted to drugs and being addicted to alcohol are two separate problems in our society. Addiction to alcohol has a social cost and an economic price, but it doesn’t often necessitate complete social and financial self-destruction. Most alcoholics, especially ones who drink daily but not to oblivion, do not necessarily lose their family, friends, or income. An addiction to meth, cocaine or heroin will almost certainly cost you and your loved ones any financial stability you might have enjoyed. What makes addiction to illegal substances so destructive is that there is no legal recourse to the supplier or seller who might or might not be morally responsible for imperfect or spoiled product; it is totally against the law and is dangerous just on the surface of it (even if you’re not risking your employment or hurting your loved ones, which you likely are); the illicit selling of the product entails corruption of much of the world’s law enforcement; it produces massive amounts of violence on many fronts; and though cheap to produce, prohibition makes it financially ruinous to almost all constant users who are middle-class. It quickly wipes out their savings and wrecks all their relationships due to sponging. It leads to desperate situations involving petty theft, the sex trade, unemployment and often to living on the street.
Today, in the world, more people are killed enforcing the ban on drugs than who died as the result of using; this sober fact is alarming because the Platonists (the religionist and Marxist sentiment inside of us) doesn't care about that; liberty is license: if we were free to use crack, everybody would fall down. This fear, which brings out panic inside of us about drug use, allows the state to use it to its full advantage. It has become one of the biggest worries in the world, and the growth of violence around the problem is growing exponentially. The feeling of national superiority over the South Americans or Mexicans is deeply misplaced. For instance, the reason for the tragedy due to the conduit of illegal drugs pouring into America through the southern borders is the absolutely-useless utterly-failed restriction which as French playwright Molière long ago noted, "More men die of their remedies than of their illnesses." The drugs flow into the USA from customer-demand, even the ridiculous Leftist economists have to admit it. A drug-free life sells itself  . . .  and they're certainly to be feared, as are jelly-beans and chocolate-cake. Sugar kills more people than crack ever will to say nothing of salt. [If you need to change some bad habits to good, please read—I’m begging you dear reader, The Power of Habit—we have the science to make a change and the big brain to rectify the damage done. It’s not too late, see Neuroplasticity.]
The third steamy reek of the statists of the West is the never-ending, absolutely ineffectual, insanely-expensive, military action, the Global War on Terror. Steep me in a cup of boiling tea! What a grab bag! Now the military parasites are sucking the very heart out of the democratic way of life and can feed on the host without a worry of ever being interrupted by any civil complaint no matter how many Snowden(s), Assange(s) or any other whistle blowers come along. Literally, no one is against the war on terror, not even the terrorists themselves. They may never again be able to fly a Boeing 767 into a dark tower, but on good solid ground, Charlie Brown, business is booming because of this war.
I always like to remember who created the Mujahedeen, Saddam Hussein, The Shah, (to say nothing of Pinochet, Somoza, Duarte, Batista and so many other modern tyrants), and the great irony of the “freest”  nation on god’s green earth being the light and beacon of the world’s free people. Beat me to a pulp and water board me back to Syria like Maher Arar, that’s just as funny as claiming Russia is a democracy. Osama Bin Laden has been discredited in the same method and manner as has been Karl Marx last century. It’s what in The CIA, I called the Bertrand Russell Thesis. This is what I think actually happened over time. An evil Platonic philosophyMarxism, was defeated in fits and starts with works like Bolshevism: Practice and Theory, The Exploitation TheoryPlanned ChaosThe Counter-Revolution of Science, Atlas Shrugged, The Red Prussian, The Gulag ArchipelagoLand Without Justice, The Open Society and Its Enemies and many other works which revealed the egregious faults with Marxism, communism and totalitarian economies.
In just this way, God is Not Great, The End of Faith, Breaking the Spell, The God Delusion, A Universe from Nothing, The Folly of Faith, and many other works, most by world renowned scientists like deGrasse, Krauss, Stenger, Hawking and Feynman have harmed the very idea of religion as badly as Marxism damaged atheism and reason in its turn last century. Here now, we want to make our salient point about the War on Terror: In defeating Marxism the West soiled itself with many unnecessary and unjustified human rights violations. Communism was dead—the Cold War won—long before a brick came out of the wall. It was an evil idea and it was both created and destroyed by Western intellectuals and not by the CIA or especially not by Ronald Reagan; that's just a Republican myth! So too with our current dilemma: fundamentalists are dangerous. They believe in desperate ideas which all have as a base: a hatred of this life, a longing for another existence, nihilism, a panicky sense of being and no desire to plan for the morrow. These ideas are easily refuted by reason and science. It is true that youth who believe in these frantic ideas are dangerous to Western Civilization, but they should not be romanticized; these adolescences are haters, reactionary, not that bright and will be defeated in time as were the leftist idiot winds of the last century.
No America, you’re not saving the world from terror, in your metabolic syndrome state of mind. You are building (and bankrupting your Empire) and all the democracies are going to go down with you as happened when Athens went down. You are eclipsing The West and the world will now go to the East just as the Britain Empire passed to you.
I know a creepy cul-de-sac when I mistakenly drive into one five minutes to midnight, and recognize as well when they don’t want any Libertarians there, and in fact, would like to exterminate them. Thank goodness for a few old street lights. Now, I’ve shot a few ducks in my time, several turkeys and a truckload of chickens, but I never met a middle-class American who didn’t think “the good ol’ U S of A” was only a force of good in the world. But as certainly as there is no supernatural order guarding humankind’s destiny, there is no genius of state in America guiding this bloated democracy, only the cunning American Machiavellians like Kissinger, the Bushes, the Kennedys, Trump, and so many countless others who are as immoral as The Prince himself.
Now, as you can sense, I am no saint, and Ashu Zarathushtra send me to hades if I lie about this, but should we worry this much regarding Islam? I can assure you it is the  fastest  - shrinking  religion  in the world, even worse than Seventh Day Adventists or Jehovah Witness. On the other hand, the fastest growing belief system in the world at 16% and growing exceedingly quick is irreligion. (Zero percent a hundred years ago to over a billion now, lord love a revelation!) As for all the religious fundamentalists from all over the world who so dearly wish to pass over to the other world; why can’t we round them up—since they don’t believe in democratic human rights anyway—place them on a giant monster-ark in the middle of the Pacific and let them blow themselves up in a well-deserved feast of hatred and violence and be done with it? They’d at least all die happy and go to their unintelligible gulag heaven. Now like all males, all religions lie about their size, and all are equally ridiculous, and come on, stop believing in this total nonsense. It’s like believing that sugar and salt are good for you. No! Like religion they’re absolutely toxic. They are killing you prematurely. And do you know what else is: the war on terror? Oppose the burgeoning state before it’s too late, and hug a Muslim, they’re a dying breed!
Lastly, only a few preconditions exist for future universal human progress around the globe as wealth increases everywhere and poverty disappears except for only the most isolated of us (i.e., the Islamic countries): 1) Be distrustful of everything leftist intellectuals say; as a policy they always ignore verifiable data in favor of a vision for humankind. 2) Nations must have strong, uncorrupted and democratically-elected Night-watchman governments. 3) Equal rights for grannies and trannies, and every group in between. 4) A population reading literature from around the world to develope empathy for all and respecting talent whence ever it comes, i.e., social support for the development of human capital everywhere. 5) Having an anti-ideological, empirically and scientifically demonstrable, classic-liberal market place with only the laws necessary for its gentle yet proficient operation.