This is the counterintuitive: Objects left to themselves (without resistance) can go on in motion forever, (i.e. like a galaxy). Tiny specs of light in the night sky are suns of other solar systems with planets, comets, moons and asteroids, maybe even intelligent beings. DNA is a biological-digital code used by genes to create successful replicators -- duplicate me instructions -- and pass its information on for all living things; vehicles used by DNA to make more DNA like itself and some may be over three billion years old, such as single-celled creatures. South America and Africa used to be joined; continents drift. Who would have known? The spinning, revolving and rotating Earth feels intuitively, instinctively still, as it flies, spins and rotates swiftly through space; Our rotation is 1000 mi/hr, solar revolution 18 mi/s, our galactic revolution 125 mi/s, our greater galactic speed in tandem with Andromeda toward the Virgo galaxy cluster is 200 mi/s. If you flew away from here for a decade at very near the speed of light (300,000 km/s) and came back as fast (without stopping), you would be twenty years older but all your friends would be dead of old age. Einstein's view of gravitational-lensing contradicts Newton's theory of gravity: it's a distortion of space-time rather than simply the natural attraction of objects on one another. There is light, photon particles, we cannot see, x-rays, infrared, ultraviolet, gamma, micro and radio waves, and sounds, we cannot hear, ones below 20 hertz, ultra sounds.
The counterintuitive: It seems that a larger item would fall faster even in a vacuum. Aristotle said that more massive objects would be subject to a greater acceleration and fall faster. He said that because it seemed logical  . . . but in fact he never did an experiment to see whether his idea was correct. He could have taken big rocks and little rocks (neither of which is much affected by air resistance) and dropped them to discover that they would fall at the same rate. The bottom line here is that in science, it is crucial to check your intuitions with experiment!
Here's another: the soft particular human brain has muscles which need to be exercised just like the body: no stupid/no fat people only self-made stupid/self-made fat . . . and like the singular concept space-time, now mind-body. The revelation of irrefutable evidence: we evolved from a chimp off the old block (at least we shared a common ancestor) or the funny fact that we bring all colours, smells and senses to the party or like that the mathematical fractals make cauliflower shapes from chaos. The economic order and egalitarianism we achieve from laissez-faire anarchy over state planning are startlingly opposed to our modern political hunches. Our human nature was embedded in us and hewed by millions of years of evolution and is a knowable event through praxeology; the scientifically appropriate incentive and deterrents for us is to be found in the study of economics and law not politics. The biology of human mindbody turning as we mature into a totally interwoven mental network with a memory so vast as to have 1025 terabytes of storage capacity and a genome of so much individual complexity that to explain it would weary you to commit self-inflicted death. Nearly eight billion minds now in our social reality and soon interconnected as one giant desktop with a goal for wealth and equal human rights for everyone. In the fleeting years to come we will now no longer really die; a piece of us will be in a permanent record NOT vouchsafed by the divine but on phones, computers and digital storage devices created by science and technology.
The emotional “affect” of our human love and individual happiness, our counter-productive and futile search for cosmic justice and the plain old-fashion luck of our very own messy evolutionary experiment: the results of millions of years of subjugation trapped in this biological nightmare (as one of many vehicles, i.e., organisms, for DNA replicators); but now, free, free at last, thank you our almighty big brains—our Warthog Hobbit serendipity—that we became self-aware and escaped. The transgender, the gender-fluid, the gay and bi, welcome to the family and also, the outliers, the outsiders and the defiant ones; note to ourselves: we came from one single tribe; we are beautiful and our beauty was millions of years in the making. And welcome the pegan, vegan, keto, paleo and everyone who wants to be in charge of their own lives. The mitochondria machine needs raw high-octane fuel, not processed low or no nutrition synthetics; 500 million years in the making and now at the last minute pizza, chips and ice-cream?

This is counter-intuitive: testosterone does not cause aggression; there is co-relation, but not causality. Violence is learned socially, culturally, and today, often through, for instance, contact sports, war, and crime gangs. We are the minister of our sinister: the implausible private plan; the electrician of our individual mission: the moral order of reason. Even the gloom & doom liberals of warmed-over allure who deny human progress (as surely as non-responsive conservatives deny global-warming), can see the rapid change, or even funnier, the mystics who accept providence without evidence, you are all welcome to the festivities. The collectivists’ dream of the politics of paradise to unite us in violent revolution while it yet divides us with bad advice and bad philosophy is over but they can join as well. And those who call out to protect the isolated but instead ensure their poverty, anti-cultural capital and increased misery as Mao did to China: capitalism is contagious and it has all changed now.

This is the counter-intuitive; our morality is developed, bordered and surrounded by our individual cultures but we must now turn it over to reason and science: our human nature is branded deep in our psychic, crafted over thousands of millenniums, the tear, blush, laugh, interbreeding, internecine smashing of our cultures, the intransigence of universal slavery, rape and murder through our whole history up and until the Enlightenment; this is us, and as well, the base desire to use force to create perfect societies at any cost and the absolutely immorality foisted on all the collateral innocents. We now have almost all the food we need to feed us all but most of it is made toxic and produces the metabolic cascade. The wonder of modern medicine is now a fascist unionized institution barring and forbidding real outside competition even when the science is irrefutable. The replication crisis in political and social sciences (i.e., where the results of many such scientific social studies are impossible to reproduce, falsify, or depend on) shows us that their many studies segregate us instead of uniting us.
The hidden creature behind the mask of our rationalism is also the counter-intuitive; the contradiction to our science and reason, yet we must lovingly whisper to it and tame it before it strolls among our fellow travellers. The growth of human intelligence around a world now interconnected by digital devices is leading to a wonderful misunderstanding; love and laughter can’t get us there but they sure are important. When it rained continuously, the Christian intellectuals predicted biblical floods and blamed it on sinners. When the printing press was invented and gave us our first shot at universal empathy, the European aristocratic intellectuals forecasted blood on the streets, and there was upheaval for a time. When radio and video arrived the socialist intellectuals of every stripe used it as propaganda to promote totalitarianism and the democratic ruling class responded with censorship for fear of violence and blood-lust, and there was, but still our collective values grew and total awareness increased. The empathy effect caused by the printing press exploded with television and movies, and the angry intellectuals of the sixties cried against freedom for fear of more violence from the Marxist intellectuals: many thought that all of us would die in a decadent orgy of sex and freedom, an outright Charles Manson nightmare, and in a manner, we did produce much hostility from the counter-culture until it failed. Others thought, “The Cold War must be won at whatever the expenditure,” and to be sure, they won it at a great cost and nearly the outbreak of nuclear war. However, here too, the improbable occurred; it was not the blues who won it but the reds themselves who raised the white flag. Always we must remember, there is no stability without volatility; ethical, social and political  life is a sensual tango.
Then computers and cell-phones were created and the old guard was sure the world had gone to hell; the gamers, bloggers, hackers and digital hooligans, and undeniably, they were right; however empathy grew ever greater and we still all hoped for worldwide peace. People saw a thing was happening but could not name it.  ‘We’re almost there’ they thought and were shocked by Putin's invasion of the Ukraine. Then near the height of the hysterical screams of tenured, subsidized and dangerous professors, while more and more babies got obstetrics, pabulum and vaccines, and their mothers were afforded cell-phones and clean water, the growth of human collective intelligence grew at its current amazing speeds and gained enough internet sense to drown out their age-old enemies: the intellectuals. Remember humans have a natural evolutionary predilection to lean negative, (the negativity bias), so you should watch against it, for like the comfort gene in eating, it now pushes us in the wrong direction. I work in a grocery store and I am a precariat. Don’t believe the academics. Though it seems counter-intuitive, this is absolutely the best time to be alive and/or to be born. Tell your friends.