You’ve likely seen this video from Google’s  Sundar Pichai and think this is too witty to take seriously, and frankly, if Google and others (Apple, Amazon, Facebook, etcetera) , weren’t involved with the NSA and other global spy agencies, and were in reality sincerely outside the Political Class as they all so avidly advertize and profess, then it would be. We have decided as a group not to separate the Market Economy from the Body Politic. We now have roads like some  apocalyptic aftermath, schools that are little less than collectivists’ baby-sitting institutions run by belligerent unionists where the student always comes last and medical care by pharmaceuticals where doctor-plumbers who actually don’t know the science behind life-long sustainable health and defame those scientists, nutritionists and lifestyle experts who do. We have banks who behave worse than a craven gambler at a free-drinks casino and hospitals with huge waiting lines of suffering patients; they don’t deal well with complaints of chronic illness which only a strict whole food diet and daily vigorous exercise can permanently relieve. With an event like Covid, they might well be brave and heroic; however, even here many of the doctors, nurses, paramedics and healthcare providers, are willfully out of shape with a sizeable percentage (over 20%) with metabolic syndrome. These and many other maladies are the result of the worldwide mixed economy. This has all been set incorrectly on a liberal fascist Teutonic bent that’s over three centuries old and has brought little success to any part of the world where it has been tried and much suffering to masses of its victims: it is based on an irrational Platonic utilitarianism long since refuted by the philosophy of rational egoism. The state couldn’t properly deliver the mail when it had a monopoly let alone health, education, road safety, economics or any other ‘vital’ activity. It has plenty of issues with the three things it is logically mandated to do: internal and external security (i.e., the army, police and courts).
Why this is becoming more frightening by the day is that at this moment there is incrementally less of a buffer against the government into the private lives of its citizens than under autocratic regimes, many of us indeed demanding that all science, reason and knowledge be applied by all the powers of the political class to protect the people from their woes, plights and even the weather, many of our afflictions of course being self-imposed because of this very phenomena.  If you have half a Winston worry about totalitarian government, even soft cuddly democratic ones, prick up right now at these, what seem like innoxiously trite warnings of what can happen when the state , who couldn’t repair a computer if an American spy agency put a Glock to the back of the head of a thousand striking repair technicians, hooks up with Google-like companies. They not only fix them, but create, manufacture and constantly improve them and are organizations that have no unions, no shame and no internal manifests to keep them from acting in cahoots with illegal government activity.
The Wall fell in part because the KGB was incredibly inefficient, cannibalistic and attracted simple brutes, but what if they had had Google, Facebook and Amazon to help them track those dissidents of yore? They’d have hunted down every last one of them and shot them in the back of the head: that is, the whistle-blowers, the independent journalists and the nonconformists, as so many prominent Liberal and Conservative US politicians have in fact  threatened to do in the past with the Snowden’s, Ellsberg’s, Assange’s, Manning’s or other so-called ‘traitors’ to the totalitarian state (see endnote). These buffoons can lie and cheat their way into any war they might like to fight but will not tolerate even a millimetre of real public criticism of the state itself; especially of their absolutely failed spy agencies.
So, my argument isn’t against technology per se but against the state using by proxy private enterprise to monitor its citizens without permission. They have blatantly broken the law and are completely apathetic about the consequences of it. Western governments are so bloated now that even the largest corporations bow before them like Catholic Cardinals before the Nazis.  We all understand and are sympathetic to the urge of comfort in conformity and security in the multitude but it happens to come with a huge cost. No doubt exists that liberty is waning in the West and the East (China, Turkey, India and Asia market economies) are in ascension. We drift toward our democratic doom with smiles on our faces and the enemies of liberty and free markets are joyous in their mistaken belief that at last equalitarianism will be a better fairer place than what we have created with private property and unregulated markets.
Google's mission statement: “to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful” should add the words: “to all government spy agencies”. It has completely betrayed the common man and has joined with the cowardly Facebook, Apple and like digital crowd of state-sponsored information-gathering-partners to help the government collect Intel on its citizens. Bulldozed by the totalitarian War on Terrorism, they have left the very liberty that allowed their creators to thrive in the beginning and now try to monopolize information and digital gadgets in the vain hope of Frankensteining themselves into infamy by becoming the very thing everyone feared: The Nightmare Nanny and bastard Big Brother in an incestuous cahoot with the will of the people. They all claim they are wrestling through the courts to challenge the government’s intrusions in to their enterprises, but notice none of them are on the balcony with Assange or stranded in Russia with Snowden; yeah, they’re real revolutionaries: Laugh Out Loud. For further elucidation, see Assange and Snowden versus Obama.
Here’s a quote from Mark Zuckerbergg "People just submitted it [personal information]. I don't know why. They trust me. Dumb fucks." From Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google at the time of the quote. "If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place . . . ." I define these type elitists as the corrupt capitalists captured by the MCI and their spy agencies, the whole political class, the censorious digital Silicon Valley Mafia, the hegemony of the uni-party united around the instruments of monopoly authority, especially Big Pharma, corporate lobbyists acting to reduce free speech and thwart democracy, in general the mass media and their neo-Marxist, Neo-Conservative, Neo-Liberal  intellectuals selling identity politics, mislabelling all their intellectual enemies as Nazis, the whole disinformation complex and hatred of all historical accomplishments in the Anglosphere.