Licensing health practitioners in America began sometime around 1750, and by the 1800s, the medical unions were in charge of establishing standards of practice and certification for medical doctors thus controlling who and how many came into healthcare. So, for around two centuries they have been solidifying their power. As I will spell out, at present, the corruption and debasement of the medical profession is at hand. We are also going to demonstrate, dear reader, how this collective hive in which they have cocooned themselves with the help of Big Pharma, and created a herd mentality, has cost many lives during the COVID outbreak, (to say nothing of their lack of push-back against 88 percent of Americans, for instance, who have in one generation developed Metabolic Dysfunction because of processed food filled with non-nutritional ingredients like addictive sugars, the consumption of products from tortured-animal factories and wholesale abandonment of a daily prescription of exercise. Their lack of independent thinking and adherence to the doctrinaire makes them an ongoing hazard. Their lack of courage during the pandemic and their incompetence shows that they should lose their undeserved position of prestige and that professional licensing by governments everywhere in the world should be reconsidered and in some cases discontinued. Many of the doctors closed their offices during COVID and retreated to their homes to do remote doctoring. Many retired during the crisis. Many of them were unable to overcome their fear and irrationality. What a disappointment that none of them pushed-back against the powerful forces and the mass delusion they helped create in a free society during this event.

The dust is settling post COVID and the few brave activists-doctors and frontline health workers who actually tried to do doctoring when it started and who were deplatformed, faced legacy-media’s mindless ridicule and were silenced by their own profession are now free to talk and publish. What they are describing is a catastrophic failure in the West of those in charge, that is, the ruling political class of the Eastern Seaboard and the Vichy Silicon Valley crowd. By which I mean, the compromised authorities: Big Pharma, Big Tech, mass media, the disinformation complex, the security agencies and the current liberal governments of the West. They worked in tandem with the licensed collective of unlearned and unread doctors who did not give a damn about the massive amount of empirical data against the assertions of the elites. Indeed, they were in almost military lockstep with the Fauci throng.

Moreover, the healthcare system administrator’s response to hospital patients, exposed their  immoral behaviour, but also revealed the dangers of naked authoritarianism to our way of life. Science is argument. That’s all it can ever be. Without freedom of speech there is only misrepresentation and disinformation. This is what this article addresses and why millions of innocent hospital patients died a lonely and unnecessary death without contact with their loved ones in hospitals, and I fear against hope, only for the sake of  profits.

To quote Anthony Fauci: “Attacks on me are attacks on science.” Really? Can you imagine the unmitigated arrogance of this medical power broker. He is so narcissistic that he openly deceived a senator under oath, about his financed gain-of-function research at Wuhan. There is irrefutable proof that his agency, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, funded the deadly and dangerous research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. He did this through the non-profit NGO, EcoHealth Alliance, via the Frankenstein virologists Peter Daszak, Ralph Baric, Ian Lipkin and others in a multimillion dollar influence-pedaling, (with research-funds), bullpen. It is concerning that when Fauci left the N.I.A.I.D., he was worth over twelve million dollars. He’s done incredibly well in panicking the world about pandemics over the last two decades. Manufactured pandemics pay, and not just for the mad virologists of the world, but especially to the globalist billionaires whose investments are intertwined with Big Pharma.

But first, I will say that Coronavirus was a new infectious human created disease, it was not fully understood. American scientists working with CCP scientists, and defying President Obama’s moratorium on gain-of-function, helped create it; it was serious and we panicked. Having said that, according to JFK Jr.'s account in the Wuhan Coverup (see booklist below), no agency, no player, no group, is more responsible for bio-grade weapons manufactured in labs all over the world than the CIA. Whether by accident or design, it was the result of years of illegal and immoral gain-of-function research by ethically compromised Machiavellians; however, and thank goodness, there were a group of Intensivists (critical care doctors who are experts in intensive care), (in hundreds of U.I.C. departments in thousands of hospitals in many nations), who didn’t panic. Noteworthy is the fact that few, if any of these, were conservatives at the time, and they had mostly voted for Obama and Clinton types in their respective nations. To say the least they were NOT nationalists as portrayed by the Rachel Maddows of never-never (report or investigate any real news) land, just hate Trump and pro-self-rule movements 24/7, even if you have to commit deception and even if it costs innocent lives. I say this so you know how deep the dishonesty of the globalists go. For instance, SARS CoV 2 became politicized and was used by the Democratic Party of the USA against Trump and the Republicans as an effective weapon in the 2020 presidential election just as it was used in the rest of the West to push-back on legitimate nationalist organizations, conservative political groups and libertarian intellectuals. This nationalistic resurgence isn’t caused by ignorance and misinformation on the internet as the ruling class claim; this originates by the growing totalitarianism of Western Liberal governments’ cancel-culture, Woke, E.D.I., CRT, BLM, censorship and other unpopular social justice ideas.

From, Covid 19 and the Global Predators, (2021, see below): “There is a persistent sense of urgency, anxiety, and confusion in America that is unprecedented in our lives and perhaps unknown since the War of Independence or the Civil War. In addition to the overall personal, societal, economic, and political stress caused by COVID-19 policies and restrictions, the pandemic continues to be used to justify the imposition of vast fear and oppression on the American people. . . . As we tried to understand what continues to be happening to America during COVID-19, we pulled on one medical, political, and economic string after another—and found ourselves unraveling a coalition of global predators. They are individual billionaires, political leaders, government agencies, giant corporations, industries, universities, the major media, the social media, big tech, and even the international medical and scientific establishment. All of them were and are actively benefitting from COVID-19 at the expense of the American people and most of the world. . . . Nearly all of these globalist individuals and institutions are continuing to prevent America and other Western nations from benefitting from the already available early treatment regimens for COVID-19 that are safe, effective, and very inexpensive. The globalists want to profit from COVID-19, in part by developing government-sanctioned, very expensive drugs and vaccines that are potentially ineffective, dangerous, and highly experimental—and worth billions of dollars.”

For healthcare givers who knew that ivermectin worked on dying COVID patients, this FDA-approved, Nobel Prize winning, WHO Essential Medication, that had been safely administered to 260 million human beings prepandemic, they were shocked to see that hospital administrators fighting its use with every legal tool at its disposal. Just like pregnant women were wise to avoid hospitals two centuries ago to berth their babies, because, even after, Simmelweis’s public, empirically-backed revelations, doctors in hospitals refused to scrub in the operating theatre, (“He’s a quack you know!”). People should have avoided sending their loved ones to hospitals if they contracted COVID. The administrators it would seem would rather have patients die than give them ivermectin (or try any treatment protocol for that matter), for dying patients to whom nothing else was being offered except Tylenol and ventilators. Vaccine mandates and lock-downs are completely unacceptable, indeed antithetical in a free society and it has lead to increase in depression, small business bankruptcies, alcoholism, suicide, divorce, not to mention the huge cost to our children, (missing school, not seeing their regular friends, and falling behind). What happened to, “Your body, your choice?” With COVID, it became, “Your body, no voice!” “If you want to work, get the jab!” Prochoice became this massive contradiction and a political power grab. What about the medical profiteers in the stock market during the event while the rest of the world suffered? Now, in 2024, we all have to deal with this horrible economic inflation after the fact. The whole thing created a long-Covid effect on the entire global economy and vaccine injuries we will be living with for a very long time.

The Intensivists doctored those dying hospitalized patients with novel remedies using repurposed drugs with exceedingly long histories in human usage and with a long safe past of human application. One of these, as you will see, was a true prophylactic, which significantly prevented COVID transmission altogether; more on ivermectin later. The protocol treatments by frontline Intensivists which got dying patients off ventilators and back home or kept them out of hospitals altogether, ranged from hydroxychloroquine, either by itself or in combination with other drugs such as azithromycin and vitamin-supplements; monoclonal antibodies; intravenous vitamin C with steroids and supplements (the V.I.C., protocol); injections of a steroid, vitamin D & B12 with aspirin, an antibiotic and hydroxychloroquine, also actively lowering of blood sugar levels to below 100 by starving the body of sugar, and finally weight loss combined with exercise; hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and antibiotics (the HCQ protocol); inhaled budesonide with anticoagulants, such as aspirin or apixaban; and methylprednisolone corticosteroid. These treatments, (most which cost under $100), worked best especially if taken at the first signs of COVID. Repurposed off-label drugs, especially ones with a proven safety record, are used 50 percent or more to treat symptoms other than for what they were created. The human created Coronavirus feeds off blood sugars and it’s why diabetics, the overweight and the obese in their fifties and over, were in serious danger from it. In some sense, it is a designer virus which is why it spread so fast around the globe with asymptomatic super-spreaders and mutated into so many variants. I am not suggesting it was designed purposely for this event, but it was exceedingly likely  that it came from a USA funded Wuhan gain-of-function research project, so indeed, we may never know for sure. Be that as it may, the super-cluster events of its transmission show how one infected person could spread it to dozens of others in a closed space wherever many people gather, because it travels by air.

Some of these Intensivists preCOVID were the most peer reviewed and published doctors in America, the best of the best, or like Dr. Paul Marik, the best in the world. They worked in large institutionalized city hospitals and almost all of them were fired from their work, silenced from Apple, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter during this time and are now at the FLCCC. They were labelled as fringe by circus clowns like Anderson Cooper, Erin Burnett, the View, and the MSNBC propagandists, who are not real scientists anymore then they are real journalists, they are party-line advocates who aggressively miss the truth, on purpose. They did not look at any of the scientific empirical data of the Intensivists nor mind that they didn’t. They don’t care, that’s not why they’re there; indeed, they are the epitome of that song: “It’s me, it’s me, I’m the problem, it’s me.” Believe me when I tell you, they never look in the mirror and have never apologized for their egregious errors and wilful trickery during C-19.

There are no independent investigative journalists in the mass media any longer and they are now at Substack, Rumble, X, Telegram, Tablet, Locals, Signal, Spotify and places that are home to Michael Shellenburger, Jacob Siegel, Seymour Hersh, Candice Owens, Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi, Lee Fang, Laura Poitras, David Sirota, Alex Gutentag, Aaron Mate, Walter Kirn, Tucker, Dore, Rogen, Brand and others who the state has censored through their state-agency-funded disinformation NGOs. (Please support independent journalists, they are so important for a free society). If you want to know mass media’s true allegiance, listen for their thunderous, all quiet on the topic of, Julian Paul Assange, a real journalist. They are a progressive American version of Chinese CCP state media. If you read Hate Inc., and see the elements responsible for the Red and Blue states’ firewall in America; why there is no love of one another in national discourse, or trust or belief in America’s First Amendment, or even in America itself, here the mass media feeds entirely off the dark side of politics and their unreasonableness is responsible for much of the current problem.

These Intensivists saved thousands of lives before the red dawn began and standard treatment in the West became, ‘Do no active doctoring until we find a vaccine’. It was Ignaz Semmelweis all over again. Two hundred years have gone by and these fools have learned nothing about raw empirical data. But the observed data that exonerated the famous Hungarian doctor is exactly similar to the data amassed by the FLCCC and available on their site for anyone to see, but the thing is, and this is so important, it was available starting in 2020. The US currently have a healthcare lobby, (Big Pharma) four times the size of the lobbying effort run by the defense industry (M.I.C.). Moreover, the medical journals, especially the Lancet, JAMA, New England Journal, etcetera, have devolved into a disinformation operation and a marketing tool (via the reprinting scam used by Pharma reps to give free to doctors). They can’t be trusted anymore than CNN, the New York Times or the Washington Post. It has become impossible since COVID after their many rushed, fraudulent studies on the HCQ, MATH+, or ivermectin protocols to believe anything the journals now or will ever publish again; they have entirely disgraced themselves.

So the question must be asked: did anyone at all have to die because of COVID? The answer is, apparently not, and most significantly, there was a prophylactic if taken once a week as a pre-infection pill, the all natural wonder drug, ivermectin, (“the new penicillin”), which prevented COVID in significantly high numbers. It both prevented and successfully treated the virus if it was given in the right dose & protocol, and soon as possible before and after infection. Before the pandemic it had been administered to millions of humans with only mild side effects of nausea in a few users. It completely cured River Blindness (onchocerciasis), Threadworm, (strongyloidiasis), and is a component of combination therapy for Elephantiasis (nostras verrucosa), hyperinfection syndrome, fulminant, and many other diseases. Ivermectin no matter what you’ve heard in the false mass-media dialogue, was taken in India, Africa, South America and many other places not completely corrupted by Big Pharma & WHO. They saved millions upon millions of lives long before the dangerous vaccines were rushed into production by Big Pharma with little testing and with state-granted immunity from future legal action against these voracious companies that committed this vast outrage against humanity. That I have read up to this point, there was mild side effects to this very safe drug, but since according to the (exceedingly compromised) mass media no one in the world actually took it, why would there be? It’s a global world-economic-forum clown show: the globalists want open borders and detest nationalism, which they regard as an existential threat to their exceedingly weird definition of democracy. They are also exceptionally impatient to discredit the Anglospere and rewrite its extraordinary impact on freedom and individual rights within a sovereign nation. I mean the “metaphorical” Anglospere not as a white-thing but as a philosophic underpinning for all humankind, even the idiot-class of academic neo-Marxists in the state subsidized universities; yes, even them, the very would-be destroyers of individual freedom.

The FDA (Front for Drugs and Additives) still has on their site not to treat COVID with ivermectin; it is ludicrous. Although the funniest one is the description by the WHO of how the Indian government acted so amazingly in handing out millions of medical kits to its citizens with an accompanying audit of the contents of everything that was inside them (vitamins, disinfectants and so forth), except to mention that every packet also had ivermectin. (Actual content of the kits: pulse-oximeter, digital thermometer, 15 paracetamol tablets, 30 Vitamin C tablets, 30 multivitamin tablets with zinc, 2 3-packs of vitamin D, 10 12mg tablets of Ivermectin, 10 tablets of 100mg Doxycycline, masks, sanitizer, wipes, and 2 gloves.) The fraud is breathtaking. The buffoons at the mass media extravaganza like the Joy Behars and the James Clappers told their captured audiences that taking ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine would likely kill them as if they were doctors, scientists or real journalists. The silence on the actual effectiveness of these life saving protocols, which is enormous, was deafening. It is a tragedy of epic proportion and completely exposed the ruling class’s control and utter hatred for middle and working class people. They consider themselves really, really, smart, and we, the voting public, (and especially the religious voting public) as stupid. We are not just deplorables, but not even worthy of democracy, that’s just for the Sam Harrises of the world; see here for the original video showing Sam Harris’ arrogance. The bullying of these liberal types during the spread of the Coronvirus was unbelievable and the stench of liberal fascism was everywhere in the air.

Hospital policy for dying patients made no sense: was totally immoral, criminal in law, and the hospital administrators involved need to be punished for it. They cost many, many lives. It was the height of irrationalism to allow no doctoring in the U.I.C.s for potential fatalities. The NIH was the final scientific arbiter of medical matters and they refused all rational and legal arguments for treatment. The longstanding medical practice to prescribe FDA-approved drugs off-label when you have nothing to lose was disregarded. Eighty percent of hospitalized COVID-19 patients who went on mechanical ventilation died. The NIH is the guiltiest here, but there is much guilt to go around.

“In reality, the CDC’s own database has now millions of adverse events reported in connection with the COVID vaccine. By 2021’s end, these reports exceeded the cumulative total since the database’s inception in 1990. To put it plainly, the COVID-19 vaccine has seen more adverse effects in one year than all other vaccines in the past three decades combined.”

Mandated vaccinations and work/school closings were completely unnecessary and cost severe economic damage everywhere they were done. Just on the face of it, it was absurd panicked behaviour: the global infection fatality ratio for COVID for those less than 49 years of age was 0.02 percent. What deaths there were above 50 years of age, were preventable except in the most extreme cases such as a 90 year old with let us say diabetes or some other serious complicating factor like asthma or pneumonia. The entire global fatality rate was much less than one percent and actually somewhere around 0.2 to 0.4 percent. To put it into perspective, the 1918 to 1920 Spanish flu had a global morbidity rate of two percent at the lowest estimates (40 million deaths) to five percent at the highest (100 million deaths).

As human beings we must constantly guard against unwanted influences and the unintended consequences of government interference and regulation. Hospitals in the Western democracies were incentivized to do nothing and to code as many patients as they could as COVID admissions even if they were suffering from other illnesses such as influenza. For instance, the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economics Security, (CARES), in America, paid hospitals for COVID tests, paid extra for COVID patient’s admittance with a 20 percent Medicare add-on. The CDC allowed death certificates with no positive COVID test to be called SARS COV 2 deaths, (like influenza and pneumonia), and conversely, if you died in a traffic fatality or a drug overdose but tested positive then the cause of death was listed as the Wuhan virus. These perverse incentives caused hospitals to build a firewall against any pro-activist doctoring. The Medicare-Medicaid Service, (CMS), paid a 20 percent add-on bonus to hospitals which used FDA approved drugs for treating it, i.e., the ineffectual remdesivir at over $3000 a pop, (that was Gilead’s dangerous contribution, see endnote on Big Pharma). The Medical Industrial Complex is a drug manufacturer’s aristocracy which has not only completely captured the FDA but owns nearly all the pharmacies in the US and Western countries. It is like a giant drooling Google-like monopoly for drugs instead of disinformation, and many of them are not the life saving wonder drugs such as ivermectin, but the dangerous and life-destructive ones like oxycontin. Just like Bing, Apple and Google routinely misinform the public; the Medical Industrial Complex treats metabolic dysfunction with unnecessary drugs instead of the truth, which is: exercise, consume only real nutritious food, fast often, sleep seven/eight/nine hours a night, manage stress, get gut-health, walk your weight back to fitness, find happiness with friends-community-family, and avoid risky vaccines, steer clear of hospitals if at all possible and shun Big Pharma’s dangerous drugs. If you were fit, (i.e., had no immune compromises, weren’t overweight-obese nor had diabetes), COVID was no danger to you at any age.

You can't use Wikipedia as a source of accurate information any longer either, they have swallowed the blue pill, and since C-19 work tirelessly for the Disinformation Complex. They are financed by Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and many billionaires who stay rigidly within the globalist's Overton Wall; Wikipedia has become the biggest disappointment of the internet. If you Wiki, for instance, Dr Paul Marik, (or any of the Intensivists in this article), you will see how utterly dishonest the regime can be, everything in the description of Dr. Marik  is an utter lie, complete disinformation).

If hospitals had instead used FLCCC’s protocol, MATH+ with ivermectin, (the MATH+ video link in this sentence was often taken down at the height of the craziness) which worked, the hospitals would have lost the CARES and CMS bonuses plus the $3,000 per patient for remdesvir and the over $35,000 for mechanical ventilation. When the manmade virus spread, the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex robustly pushed and paid for the vaccine solution, all evidence to the contrary. They did what the tobacco industry did four or five decades ago, massive public relation campaigns and false studies by bought off scientists who enriched themselves working for the corporations who paid them and suffered no consequences for the many who died because of it. No real science was involved in discrediting the Intensivists’ safe protocols. Anyway, what I mean to say is, the West’s healthcare system lost its soul during this crisis.

From, Overcoming the COVID Darkness, (see link below), “If you’re wondering why the development of a vaccine has anything to do with the HCQ treatment, then it’s important to know a few important details about Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs). The COVID vaccines were allowed to be administered because they were given an EUA. However, according to the FDA, an EUA may only be granted if there is no adequate, approved, and available alternative to the candidate product for diagnosing, preventing, or treating the disease or condition. In other words, an EUA is possible only if there is no other safe, effective treatment. Therefore, HCQ—and later ivermectin—had to be defeated. And the powers that be decided to take a two-pronged approach in their attack on a viable treatment: Show that the protocol is dangerous . . . show that the treatment is ineffective.”

How they did this, is with fraudulent studies and by taking data on these effective treatments and using them too late on hospitalized infections of COVID and with wrong doses (i.e., not following the actual medical protocols which the Intensivists’ had already published). In other words the outcomes were faked and fed to the mass media propagandists like those from the Morning Joe show or Don Lemon talk-a-likes from CNN and sanctified by the powers that be: Big Pharma pulling the strings of the organs they had invested so much money in over the years of capturing these regulatory agencies, NIH, FDA, WHO, and CDC, the nearly outright ownership of the strongest union in the world, the gutless, deceitful AMA, and the pharma ad-dependent legacy media (what legacy?). Seventy-five percent of the mass media’s advertisement total (2020) came from Big Pharma. The arch-villain in medicine today people may conclude is Big Pharma, and sure, there is certainly absurd Mordorian evil to be found in that camp. My point in this piece, though, is that the real primary villains are the doctors themselves, organized, willingly seduced, politicized by their industrial strength union, the AMA (Association for Malfeasance and Appropriation), which represents the financial interest of their over 200,000 members. The AMA maintains a political lobbying budget second only to the Chamber of Commerce. The AMA announced that its new policy toward birth certificates is to not include the sex of the infant so as not to sway the baby’s gender development. To them that is not idiocy, but what is scary to them, is trying to save people dying using re-purposed drugs with decades of proven safety.

Dear reader, do you see now why they need to be de-licensed and should never have been licensed by government in the first place? It took seventy years but currently they are no more than a pharma-controlled, plumbing-union with a belligerent state monopoly.

As well, the security agencies in Western democracies had a strong-arm understanding with Apple, Facebook, Google, (who own YouTube), Bing, (Microsoft and Bill Gate’s search engine), and Twitter (which has since been rescued by Elon Musk). These five broke every edict known to the rule of law, betrayed all their customer's privacy, and like Big Pharma, gained after-the-fact immunity, so they could not be sued by their misinformed users. They’ve actively undermined free speech everywhere. Shame on them, they need immediate antitrust action to break them up into much smaller parts, especially Google, this corporation is no less that an organ for state disinformation.

Two kinds of science live side by side; (What is Science, pg 907). However, they are always at odds. Scientific theories like plate tectonics deal in hypothesis, are supported by much empirical data, and often over time, will find consensus. Data driven scientists are like Dr. Susan Crockford who actually went out into the field with her team and did a count on polar bears. Other scientists, especially state-subsidized social and political ones, respond to such data sceptically with arguments like that it is theoretically impossible to have that many polar bears: all the ice is melting and the polar bears are dying because of obvious climate crisis. So instead of going out into the field as it were, and counting the polar bears themselves to refute her, they stay in their armchairs with their comfortable Big Green ideology, money and grandiose predictions of doom, and use ‘ad-hominem’ attacks with no truth to them. That is the other kind of science, scientism. Science is good and evil living side by side as reading RFK Jr.’s works will prove to you. The scientists in the USSR back in the day adhered to the blind stupidity of the state or bravely became dissidents and were sent to the gulag or fled. With COVID, the irrational ruling class, (including all the morally-compromised players mentioned above), immediately embraced totalitarianism in a form of mass delusional psychosis (see, The United States of Fear, below). The scientists who served them used blatant ad-hominem on their colleagues, (the real scientists), and we watched in disbelief as so many of them were threatened, deplatformed, cancelled and fired from their U.I.C., hospital jobs right when they were most needed. It is especially noteworthy to realize this was done with one main purpose: profit over people.

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Plus listen to JRE: #1671, #1747, and #2079.
Listen to this as well from Bret Weinstein and System Update.

Look at these shocking figures from August 5th 2021:
Uttar Pradesh (state in India) on Ivermectin: Population 240 Million [4.9% fully vaccinated],
COVID Daily Cases: 26,
COVID Daily Deaths: 3.

The United States off Ivermectin: Population 331 Million [50.5% fully vaccinated],
COVID Daily Cases: 127,108,
COVID Daily Deaths: 574.

Ivermectin to this day remains in the India national protocol although you would never hear of it if you received your info from the usual mass misinformed suspects.

First Endnote: This is what we mean when we use this term. The Deep State: Office of the Director of National Intelligence; Central Intelligence Agency; National Security Agency; Defense Intelligence Agency; Federal Bureau of Investigation; Department of State – Bureau of Intelligence and Research; Department of Homeland Security – Office of Intelligence and Analysis; Drug Enforcement Administration – Office of National Security Intelligence; Department of the Treasury – Office of Intelligence and Analysis; Department of Energy – Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence; National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency; National Reconnaissance Office; Air Force Intelligence; Surveillance and Reconnaissance; Army Military Intelligence; Office of Naval Intelligence; Marine Corps Intelligence and number 17: Coast Guard Intelligence. That’s right; seventeen bureaus of spooks at least at the bare minimum. So we are not talking about the Department of Parks and Forests or anything like that, we are talking about the gigantic anti-democratic power-hungry beast at the heart of the American realm: the much feared IMC. Definition of updated Orwellian (1984) terms: misinformation; information by journalists and others which is verboten to the imperialist hegemony of the vast US power complexes. Overton Wall: The ideas you can express, (" the official narrative"), are by way of analogy, the dog enclosure in parks where pets can roam freely; however, those canines outside of the pen are considered to have rabies and should be avoided at all costs. Disinformation: propaganda from the power blocks backed up by evidence supplied by the lying spooks of the Deep State. Malinformation: information that is true but inconvenient to the power complexes. Neocons: warmongering Neolibs and now anti-Trump and anti-nationalist conservatives who have allied with the Democrats to become the new-fangled anti-democratic war party. Defenders of the First Amendment: extremists and haters. Racism: the neo-Marxist propaganda tool which states that color-blind middleclass and working class regular Americans are the real racists. Democracy: the God-given right to vote, and only vote, for the singular Uni Party. COVID pandemic: a crisis artificially created from a let’s pretend it’s a pandemic from a top-down blueprint supplied by the many institutions and complexes of the US Empire.

Second Endnote: Big Pharma’s top ten earners in 2022/2023: 1) J&J 180 billion; 2) Pfizer 120; 3) Roche 120; 4) AbbVie 100; 5) Novartis 100; 6) Merck 95; 7) Bristol Myers Squibb 85; 8) GlaxoSmithKline 85; 9) Sanofi 80; 10) AstraZeneca 60; and of course many other corporations with record profits in that time span. Top ten earners in 2018: 1) J&J 60 billion; 2) Pfizer 50; 3) Novartis 45; 4) Sinopharm 40; 5) Hoffman-La Roche 40; 6) Sanofi 40; 7) GlaxoSmithKline 40; 8) Merck & Co. 40; 9) Bayer 30; 10) Gilead 25. Between 2002 and 2012, the U.S. Department of Justice attained legal payments in over 20 major cases of pharmaceutical company fraud, many settled in billions of dollar fines. Big Pharma is no longer “good” pharma getting antibiotics to the sick, ridding humankind of polio and ethical in its business practices, no; but rather getting Viagra to overweight people with metabolic dysfunction, incredibly addictive Oxycontin to kill the pain, Prozac to children with parents stupid enough to consent, and fancy blood thinners to folks with curable heart diseases. There is no big money in exercise, eating right, the skinny, community sports, vitamins or ivermectin, as many of my articles in this category will explain.

Third Endnote, from, The Global Predators, “One of CEPI’s earliest actions—even before its formal unveiling—was to gain the approval of WHO’s governing World Health Assembly in May 2016. . . . The CEPI website states, ‘We create innovative partnerships between public, private, philanthropic, and civil organisations to develop vaccines against diseases with epidemic potential.’ . . . This is a sugar coated description of predatory capitalism at work that will later be named and embraced as the Great Reset. It is essentially a . . . 'coalition of wealthy individuals and organizations who aim at gaining more wealth and power through CEPI, WHO and vaccines.' Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Michael Bloomberg, Anthony Fauci, and many other predatory globalists’ fingerprints are over CEPI going back far before the COVID event, whatever it was, it was certainly not a pandemic.”