One can’t really disprove a religious ideology like stay woke, (and other social justice ideas) such as it is and be that as it may, we will try hard anyway to get it “into the dustbin of history!” This is an epitaph quoted from a mass-murdering Bolshevik, Leon Trotsky. He said it at the time, referring to the Mensheviks with whom he had once conspired. Never trust the Left. Indeed don’t confuse his metaphor with the actual fact that the Mensheviks were literally eliminated into the “dustbin” with a 24/7 crematorium within the bowels of the Red Square. Never-mind the Gulag; many got it with a shot to the back of the head on the way to the basement where their bodies were disposed of by fire.
Intellectuals are often a plague on the West and have "pathetic scruples; to them, human blood is like water". Many tenured professors have no skin in the game and some leftist comedians, such as John Oliver, are a belligerent lot; no better than Rush Limbaugh of the Right. Whether they are neoliberals, neoconservatives, woke, unprincipled Tea Party whiners, or somewhere in between, they make analysis, claim solutions and casually justify the use of force which has led to absolutely disastrous mistakes (like George Bush Junior’s illegal and immoral war in Iraq or Barack Obama’s mistreatment of whistle blowers like Edward Snowden). They’re never charged for their criminal actions, deceits and wilful cover-ups and many of them have been to university from where most modern day stupid ideas come, especially from the political and social scientists. They move in and out of government and big regulated business like pedophile priests used to move from parish to other dioceses in the Catholic Church. Of bureausclerosis or regulatory capture, they know nothing. They are The Political Class; the elitist oligarchs of the New Ancien Régime. Philosophers and social scientists are economic ignoramuses and a direct threat to civilization; their PhDs have robbed them of reason, hard facts, and actual science, (as these three books attest). Stephen Colbert, on The Colbert Report, once joked, “Reality has a well-known liberal bias.” If only that were true. And by the way, if BLM really wanted to make a difference in the USA, it would do all in its power to overthrow the prohibition on illegal substances, i.e., the disasterous Nixon era 'War on Drugs', which have put so many young black male youths on the wrong side of the law enforcement's profiling and so many of them into the prison system or an early grave.
 As regards to CRT, most theorists do not believe in reason as I define it in many of my articles. One of the splendid insights of modern reason is that politics offers only very limited answers to humankind's many obstinate problems, and especially on the subject of "the equity of final results". For more CRT scholars than I mention in this article see, Payne Hirakldo, Randall Robinson, Robin DiAngelo, (as an aside, White Fragility is one of the stupidest books I have ever read in my life, and by now that probably is somewhere between eight and nine thousand books, every bit as ridiculous as The Secret, which also sold in the millions), Jean Stefancic, Patricia J Williams, Richard Delgado and Angela P Harris; as far as I can tell they are all extraterrestrials with no stake in the Enlightenment, and only see their alienness (their racial and sexual identities) and no other aspect of what might be called our global humanity (i.e., shared common culture by way of our universal human nature). Let us say you are at university, and you are taught or come across Intersectionality. this is something like what you've been taught: from, Panic Attack, "Put simply, intersectionality means that various kinds of oppression—racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, economic inequality, and others—are simultaneously distinct from each other and inherently linked. They are distinct in the sense that they stack: a black woman suffers from two kinds of oppression (racism and sexism), whereas a white woman suffers from just one (sexism). But they are also interrelated, in that they are all forms of oppression that should be opposed with equal fervor. For instance, a feminist who isn’t sufficiently worked up about the rights of the gay and transgender communities is at odds with the tenets of intersectionality. She is a feminist, but she is not an intersectional feminist." If you are a Jewish handicapped transgender woman of color, at the top of the new caste system of American identity politics, and some old person of non-color is rude to you during an everyday transaction between the two of you. You have so many choices here. Was he rude because of your race, religion, gender-transition, sex or handicap? For instance, K. Crenshaw takes binary ideas like female/male, black/white, LGBTQ+/straight, poor/rich and so forth, and folds them into complexities of compoundedness; however, which young person really wants to live this way unless they've been burnt by wicked revolutionary spirits of the Eastern elite campuses of the USA's Military Industrial Complex empire?
These are unread political-class academics who are naively impressed by this phoney neo-Marxist ideology of division-identity-beliefs, or the bare-faced (and false) Foucault's sort of social-constructionism where all hard-wired problems (biology), are religiously believed to be software difficulties (that can be corrected by better language, culture and social structures provided by the harmless state philosopher kings, i.e., them). These are unlearned professors devoid of Dostoevsky, Dumas, Dickinson, Dickens or Dick and the only "D" entities they are well read in are doom, depression, disaster and deceit. Those theories have floated and surfed the waves of Continental Philosophies through Critical Marxism from the German Frankfurt School, (interdisciplinary social theory and research, who fled the Nazis to America via Columbian University in New York City, i.e., Herbert Marcuse * and all), to many of the American Pragmatists such as John Dewey. They in turn were greatly influenced by the Cultural Marxist, Hungarian Gyorgy Lukas, who wrote History and Class Consciousness and was a pawn of Stalin Totalitarian Orthodoxy for thirty years back in the days of the USSR. Then there was critical theorist, Antonio Gramsci, (with his criticism of Bourgeois Hegemony in Prison Notebooks, who died a political prisoner in the hands of the Italian Fascists), to other Critical Marxists, such as the French thinker credited with Analytic Marxism, Louis Althusser, who murdered his wife, and then on to the ever-popular and flamboyant Michel Foucault studying the structures of power who died of HIV/AIDS to the wise and thoughtful Jean-Paul Sartre trying to decipher humankind’s anxieties and who rejected all conservative values no matter how worthy. There is also the disillusioned Brazilian Marxist, Paulo Freire’s, whose work, The Politics of Education, has had such a long-standing and disastrous effect on North America’s education system leading up to this exceedingly Woke moment in our history inside the classrooms everywhere. Or in other words, they’ve been around for seven or eight decades at least. Marx is dispelled and reborn in every generation without young people realizing this is the modern pathology of collective Platonism which I discuss in so many of my articles under the 'Reason' heading; see also, The Marxification of Education and Mao’s America. Make no mistake, this assault on Western values and the Anglosphere  comes from the soft sciences of the subsidized universities, and is overall, a complete calamity of state-run education spewing it's lies and propaganda about a free socierty and the market place. What can be done? There is a singular solution: stop all state subsidies to higher education and end compulsory public schools; indeed, make everything private. Even Little House on the Prairie is better than anything we have right now in the mass mis-education of our children.
Reports of incidents of assaults against Asian-Americans is the very definition of racism and quite common, especially since Covid and the whole lab-leak theory, one group resentful and hateful of another who is achieving better scores; what else would you call that? Asians are taking the best jobs, or spots in the finest schools, or highest paid positions in corporations. These are what the detractors accuse—and indeed, some of it might be true. Leftist only understand the world as a zero-sum game whether it’s economics (wealth-creation), education (learning) or life in general (applying one’s self to achieve excellence and a happy life). Their kind of rhetoric defines this envy of others towards Middlemen Minority traders which has led to so much violence and genocide the world over in our recent (and not so recent) history. 
When my family moved into an Asian community in Toronto, my new neighbours said about my son going to the neighbourhood high school, “It’s swarming with Asian kids.” I asked myself, “Have we just won the lottery?” And my hopes for my son held true, his marks started to rise over the years and in his last year he became an honour student. Was this co-relational or causal, we’ll never know, but peer-to-peer socialization is the greatest non-genetic effect on children.
If the overachieving minority is of Asian descent, progressives and Black American-born intellectuals call this an unfair advantage even if the Asians have just arrived in America and are dirt poor. If they are Asians and fill up 70 percent of the excellence schools with a racially-blind Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT) as the Jews did in the 70s, this as well is described as privilege and somehow white advantage. Why do Asian American children succeed?  They often do more than four hours of homework every day for instance. Privileged whites and ‘oppressed’ American-born Blacks are the only colors the Woke scholars sees (and sometimes Hispanics, if you are the right shade of brown for their tastes) (not for instance overachieving Indian and Pakistani immigrants though).
Meritocracy in America is now under severe strain by intelligentsia. If Black Haitian immigrants (or Barbadian, Jamaican or other Black minority immigrants from around the globe), produce Jewish standards of excellence in American high schools where they are co-educated with American-born Blacks, we witness a curious occurrence. Sometimes when they outperform American-born Blacks, they are bullied with slurs, name calling and accused of having white attitude. Society is allowing, (and the Left), even encouraging, this disgusting bigotry.
Why judge an individual by character when race will do for the political class? Why understand the heritage or culture of minorities when you get to say their background doesn’t matter more than this one solitary obsession: capital R race?  Wasn’t that Hitler’s claim, that race was the only deciding factor between Jew and German and nothing else really mattered? The thing is, you almost never find American Blacks and whites, privileged or otherwise, doing that much homework every day unless they are immigrants. The antiracists call overachieving Asians, approximate-white and overarching brown Hispanics like Cuban Americans border-pale. They even accuse over-reaching Black immigrants of being white-washed; you can’t win if you perform excellently with merit alone. Your culture, let’s say for example the American Jewish one in New York City in the previous decades, which achieved an astounding social position in the city since they arrived dirt-poor after WWII, encourages hard work, education and merit, and they’re at the top of the competition despite all the American-homemade anti-Semitism society could throw at them in the sixties and seventies, then that is achievement despite the obstacles, just like the Black immigrant Haitians, Barbadians, Jamaicans or other Caribbean minorities are doing right at this very second somewhere in America, and despite Black on Black discouragement.
 If you are of colour (non-white) and you can compete with everyone on merit alone, then there is something immensely flawed about CRT. If you cannot feel your whiteness, blackness, browness or yellowness but instead look at people as individuals and not as groups, does that really disqualify you as a good, empathetic human being, descended as we are from this fragile African primate? Cannot Western Culture be treated as open, inclusive and welcoming instead of closed, imperialistic and exploitive? The argument straight-off seems to be that a poor showing in the game of modern life has one singular cause: racism. However, millions of Blacks with "white-adjacency" who have moved into the middleclass (as well as into middleclass neighbourhoods), have succeeded just as well as immigrant groups like Asian Americans. Many American-born Blacks are not down-trodden by CRT scrutiny; they love American liberty, law and order, the market-place and personal freedom. Despite the constant antiracist anti-market propaganda they and their children have lived with their entire lives, they, unlike many in the Woke minority, have not fallen into victimhood—good for them—some are even libertarians. Of course, there aren’t even any real races, (it's an illusion), but every human-primate has a right to be stupid at some point in their lives if they live in one of the democracies of the West: (You know the places where people from all around the world risk everything to migrate). If these radicals were in an autocracy, theocracy or tyranny in another closed society, I would be writing letters for them on behalf of Amnesty International, because they would be in jail if they were still alive. No other social order except the West  would put up with their utter nonsense. I don’t want to in any way be misunderstood. Things as they exist in 2024, are not okay for American-born Blacks, especially males. I don’t have all the answers, I am just calling this scheme, (of state-forced diversity and big media and internet conglomerates blind compliance), as dumb as ideas come. See, Social Justice Fallacies, especially Chapter Two, Racial Fallacies.
Normally an easily refutable evil like Marxism should be just ignored; however, they, like the Christians and Muslims before them, used force to promote their imperialist fairytale religion. In the 1960s the Marxist took root in much of the social sciences in Western academia and had to be fought intellectually. It was a bitter brawl to defeat these evil fundamentalists. Now it is happening again, this time with Woke Activists, many who are indeed neo-Marxists. It is exceedingly difficult work continually refuting these strange irrationalisms. Their proponents care hardly anything for reason, science, skepticism, facts on the ground and are completely blinded by faith in their ideology; reality is optional. Even if you are American-born Black, you must conform as victim or be cast out as acting white, an admirer of the white supremacy conspiracy (“They’re everywhere, they’re everywhere!”) or be an outright Uncle Tom (even if you really don’t realize you are one or even if you don’t understand what the Black Leftist antiracists, are talking about). Those are the choices of immigrant Black Africans, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Koreans, Cubans, Philippines, Black Barbadians and Black South Americans who outperform American-born Blacks on every performance metric by which you can judge.
Here’s one of their spokespeople, a handsome soft-spoken professor who got his degree from Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who surveys the dreary landscape of Black America and serves them up 100 percent righteous victimhood like a leftist intellectual who blames the tragedy of Venezuela on free-market Libertarians like myself, or like Sayyid Qutb who came to America for higher education, and like Marx, hated what he saw in an open society; then the young Muslim wrote Milestones (just as Marx wrote Das Kapital) and helped bring about modern Islamic extremism (just as Marx helped bring about totalitarianism). This from How to be an Antiracist: “Racial equity is when two or more racial groups are standing on relatively equal footing.” No, this kind of equity has never been achieved anywhere in the world or at any time in history: racial equality, especially before the law, and not equal outcomes, is the ideal; so you can see how opposed to reality this is? “The only remedy to racist discrimination is antiracist discrimination. The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.” How utterly disgusting a statement is that? What righteous antiracist racist hypocrisy; indeed, hypocrisy squared to the nth factor: a laughable absurdity.
Kendi says things like if you are walking down the street and you as a white dude, see a lone Black youth and cross to the other side of the street, you’re a racist. That’s hilarious; and it’s not racism, it is Bayesian reasoning at work. You should cross the street even if the lone man was a white stranger. Indeed, statistically-speaking (in regards to violent crime) if he was a Japanese man and you could tell that, then maybe you could safely pass him on the same sidewalk without any fear whatsoever of youthful male on male assault, otherwise you are taking your chances; so let’s say if you were a young white man and came across a group of five young Black men on the streets of Washington who you didn’t know walking toward you and didn’t cross the street, well then, you’re an idiot. But let’s say that group of young Black men came from a charity event and literally had the moral compass of five Harriet Tubman’s, and you met them the next day (and you had indeed crossed the street); you might feel bad and even apologize for it, but if they didn’t accept your apology (I’m pretty sure Kendi wouldn’t), then maybe they are ignorant of the actual young Black male crime figures in American cities, and especially in Detroit, Chicago, Washington, Cleveland, Little Rock, Memphis and so forth. This generates the question, ‘should you be injured or die so that no one can call you a racist?’ Is that a reasonable request from a Black intellectual who lives in an ivory tower, was raised by middleclass parents (who immigrated from . . . wait for it . . . Jamaica) and would himself cross the street because as you know no one could call him a racist? Blacks can’t be racists; it is a physical, spiritual, social, cultural impossibility. Ridiculous. 
I am a Canadian and I can’t speak for the absolute broken down relationship between Blacks and cops in America but I’ll say two things in commonsense: shouldn’t there be way more Blacks on the police forces in big cities in America, especially for the Black neighbourhoods? And secondly, shouldn’t the phony counter-productive laws against drug enforcement be straight away terminated (and all non-violent past offenders be granted amnesty immediately—their records expunged)? The War on Drugs is one of the most tragic failures in modern law enforcement (and there’s a lot to choose from here), right up there with the constitutional Prohibition on Alcohol (which was pretty good business for Canada, thank you at least for that America).
Data shows that white and Asian students with greater actual merit measured in blind entry tests are being denied admissions to schools, colleges and universities which go to students with lower marks based entirely on their race, i.e., called “Diversity” by the Woke elders; however, isn’t this the very definition of racism? But note, this doesn’t apply to the emigrant children like Kendi who fill up the ‘Diversity’ spots afforded American-born Blacks who perform so poorly that even with a generous handicap they are squeezed out by immigrant Blacks. Do you get the joke? Again how funny is it? Irony is perhaps a better word. Christopher Hitchens loved that word and I am positive he would regard the bully Woke as dumbbells. The Ivy League Universities (by the way, all creatures in a number of ways of the state), are some of  the worst racist institutions in America today; and especially Harvard University. By merit alone Asian Americans should be over 45 percent of their student body but in fact are well under 20 percent of enrolment. How does Harvard keep the best and brightest students out of its “touted” hallways? They do so by racial quotas and anti-Asian preferences in behest of Hispanics and Blacks in their stead. (Asian Americans are six percent of the American population and Blacks are 12.5). Asians outperform whites as well as Blacks, so this form of racial preference serves squeaky white, racist Harvard just fine. This reverse racism makes Harvard’s piece of paper worthless except for privileged government employment (filling quota), and the politically-connected firms attached to Wall Street, the Fed and the regulatory institutions. They are the elitists who run Washington and are celebrating the death of the rule of law while giving lip service to it, i.e., the ones who promoted the catastrophic war in Iraq with lies, caused the 2008 Financial Crisis with more lies and defended the lawless spying on any and all citizens of America and her allies, again, with more lies. They are completely corrupt. It is one of the most fraudulent educational systems in the world and has produced these horrible elitist liars. Their policies of ‘Diversity’ are dividing America (and the West) into races (oppressor and oppressed) and destructive identity politics. It doesn’t produce the best and brightest, it serves the racists' elite establishment and doesn’t translate into honest government it creates a two-tiered or binary country with 2.2 million prison inmates (by a landslide the highest per-capita ratio in the world), of its citizens and not a single one of them the corrupt bastards who have done the lying, cheating, using state retroactive-immunity and political-pardons to keep all the Ivy League larcenists like Newt Gingrich out of prison where they actually belong. Never trust the Right. In fact, their justice system houses a disproportionate amount of poor Blacks, numbers so alarming that I think it is safe to point out that, it in itself, is a racist institute, (i.e., the whole justice system of America).
Another of the American Woke proponents is Michael Eric Dyson, a street-wise radio personality, scholar and Christian minister who exaggerates like this, “Racism remains the central problem in our culture” and where in his reader you come across references to Marx over 25 times and not a single reference to who may be the smartest man alive on earth today, Thomas Sowell, and who has spent his long academic career on these very topics of culture, race and economics. (And as for “How to be an Antiracist” it has seven references to Marx and one to Sowell). Indeed I’ll go so far as to guess Dyson has actually never read Sowell and suffers as serious a confirmation bias as much as academia seems to have. Maybe he thinks Sowell is a white supremacist? That the former liberal Jewish Lesbian New York Times journalist, Bari Weiss, is a Nazi. That the Gay Libertarian, Glenn Greenwald is an actual fascist. That Edward Snowden, Lex Fridman, Elon Musk, Dave Rubin, Joe Rogan are all crazy patriarchs because they believe in freedom of speech. Thomas Sowell is an oreo and Amy Chua is a banana; black and yellow on the outside and white on the inside. It is absolutely brilliant to be able to call your entire intellectual opposition, white, racist or privileged, just like the Marxists called (and the ones left still do), all their intellectual enemies, bourgeois, middleclass and fascists. “What, no Black neurosurgeons on your hospital staff? Your organization is racist! Well let’s fix that by replacing the Jewish, white and Asian doctors—i.e., lowering our standards for entry into neurosurgery and get a few Blacks on your staff to do that job. What, not enough American-born Blacks will do the seven to nine years of difficult learning to fill the openings for neurosurgeons? No problem, a Black immigrant will do it then.”  That’s how damn stupid all of this is. If you had a brain tumour, who would you want to operate, the most qualified or the one who most deserved it because their great grandparents were enslaved? If everyone went back far enough into their ancestry they will eventually find that they had been enslaved as well.
Slaves Are Us
Humans have been practicing slavery long before Homo-sapiens even became self-aware and it didn’t stop in any meaningful way until a few hundred years ago. Many a time peoples were enslaved with the ideology that it was morally acceptable because they were labelled subhuman, savage or barbarians. In the American constitution, the clause: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” caused the ideological response from Southern slave-owners as a justification to deny Blacks their humanity. Then these evil dumbbells set about trying to prove it, especially from 1500 to 1800 AD. Thus was born a viral racism as the world has ever seen with the possible exception of global anti-Semitism in the 19th and 20th centuries. Nonetheless, after every victory against the Southern Racist Ideology; emancipation, forced integration and the Civil Rights Movement itself, Southern Racist Ideology survived and gave birth in frustration eventually to Critical Race Theory—the ideology I am refuting here—how did antiracists’ good-intentions turn into something so insidious and just plain damn dumb? Well, it’s not like intellectuals haven’t done that before. German intellectuals (Right and Left) used to curse the Weimar Republic grumbling, “It can’t get worse than this.” Indeed it got a lot worse than that; not that they could learn from their mistakes. For the most part, they all perished in the inferno.
I can’t speak for Americans, but if you had a racial crisis in your country, would you call up light-weight intellectuals such as Kendi or Dyson or the real  myth-buster, PhD-himself from the University of Chicago which has 30 Nobel laureate economists affiliated with its brand and who is lauded as a true honest-to-goodness global genius, i.e., Thomas Sowell, or what about the famed physicist, James Gates, or the renowned astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson? Moreover, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, one of the smartest women in the world, could also help refute this convoluted mistaken racism. Liberal and centrist parties in the West would be wise to reject and rid themselves of these counter-enlightenment forces. Leave them to the socialist parties or we will have a whole smattering globally of Trump-like nationalist and racist rulers. Now, I don’t want to call all Woke, outright racists; they won’t be wearing white burqas anytime soon and lynching overachieving Asians, of that I am sure; so, let us just say these so-called scholars are fundamentalists; we’ll call them, Woke Jihadists.
I want to end this article on a funny note; here's a quote from J Butler, author of  Gender Trouble: "The move from a structuralist account in which capital is understood to structure social relations in relatively homologous ways to a view of hegemony in which power relations are subject to repetition, convergence, and rearticulation brought the question of temporality into the thinking of structure, and marked a shift from a form of Althusserian theory that takes structural tonalities as theoretical objects to one in which the insights into the contingent possibility of structure inaugurate a renewed conception of hegemony as bound up with the contingent sites and strategies of the rearticulation of power." Diacritics. Pure religious, (unreadable), gobbledygook. I kind of understand what is being asserted; they are not denying there is power structures, they just want to seize it for themselves (they, being neoMarxists.) For a Ted Talk on Colour Blingness., see here.
 * Herbert Marcuse, one of the most foolish philosphers to ever immigrate from the Continent to Amerca, had a total hatred of the West's values and especially democracy. "He indicated it was the most fruitful direction for achieving an eventual revolution via the  'long march through the institutions' in his desperate 1972 book, Counter-revolution and Revolt . He puts it this way, To extend the base of the student movement, Rudi Dutschke has proposed the strategy of the long march through the institutions: working against the established institutions while working in them, but not simply by “boring from within,” rather by “doing the job,” learning how to program and read computers, how to teach at all levels of education, how to use the mass media, how to organize production, how to recognize and eschew planned obsolescence, how to design, et cetera), and at the same time preserving one’s own consciousness in working with the others." From, The Marxification of Education.